Romancing the Wine

Romancing the Wine

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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Happy Release Day to us!

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Launch Party Is Tomorrow!

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lured Excerpt!

Lured by Jade Kerrion

She screamed as light flared across the road and the roar of a car engine punched through the steady patter of falling rain. Her bicycle wobbled; the handlebars wrenched to the side and she tumbled into the mud.

For a moment, the only thing she could hear was the loud thumping of her heart. A car door slammed and footsteps raced toward her.

Damn it. She grunted, her breath heaving in short bursts as the pain kicked in. She tried to twist her shoulders free of her heavy backpack, but the muscles in her back tightened into a spasm that wrenched a gasp out of her.

A man in a dark overcoat hurried around the front of the car and knelt beside her. He tugged the backpack off her shoulders—the sharp jerk made her stomach clench with pain—and dumped it into the mud. His arm supported her back as she slowly pushed into a sitting position.

A torrent of Italian flowed from his lips. The flash of lightning across the sky gave her a brief glimpse of his face. His eyes were dark and stamped with worry.

“Uh…” Her brain stumbled over a tangle of words. She grabbed the first two non-English words that came to mind. “Estoy…bien.”
No, wait, that was Spanish. Darn. What were the Italian words for “I’m fine”?

He looked confused, but he spoke again, and that time, his Italian sounded like Spanish, but much more irritated.

Unfortunately, her Spanish was only slightly less rusty than her Italian, and she had exhausted the bulk of her vocabulary in those two words. “I…uh…I’m okay.”

His eyes narrowed. “You’re American?” His familiar accent had New York City stamped all over it. In fact, she could almost narrow it down to the Upper East Side.

“Yes, I…You are too.” She huffed her breath out. “I suppose it explains why you were driving on the wrong side of the road.”

His jaw dropped. “I was…? No, you’ve got it wrong. You swerved into my lane—”

“How could I possibly swerve into your lane when there isn’t enough road for two lanes?” She flung her arm out at the muddy path, but the imperious motion was ruined by her yelp of pain.

He leaned closer to her. “You’re hurt. Where?”

“My back.” Leaning against him, she tried to stand, but her left knee crumpled beneath her weight.

He caught her before she hit the ground. “What now?” The snap of his voice was frustrated, as if it were her fault. “Did you hurt your leg, too?” He shook his head and his words emerged through ground teeth. “I’ll take you to a hospital.”

“I don’t need a hospital.”

“Why don’t we let a doctor be a judge of that?”

“I am a doctor.”

He paused for a beat. “Really?”


“A medical doctor, not a doctor of some hokey arts and crafts degree?”

She glared at him. “I have a Ph.D. in reading tea leaves and dancing naked under the moon, but yeah, I have an M.D. as well.”

He chuckled. “I bet the Ph.D. was more fun. Come on, let’s get you out of the rain. Just yell if I’m too rough.”

Shannon braced herself, but he was gentler than she expected. Even so, pain jolted along the length of her back and jostled her leg as he helped her to the passenger seat. He laid his hand on her head to duck her into the seat. She glanced up at him and in the dim light of the car, caught a glimpse of his dark hair and sculptured features before he slammed the door shut, plunging her into darkness once again. He moved around the front of the vehicle, and retrieved her bicycle and backpack, both of which he tossed into the backseat.

Careful not to turn too quickly, she cast a glance over her shoulder.

The twisted skeleton of her bicycle made her groan. Everything considered, she had survived that encounter far better than her bike.

Her backpack was muddy; she could only hope that it was as waterproof as the manufacturer touted. Shannon glanced down at her clothes and the mud and water dripping over the butter-colored leather seat, and she winced. Darn.

The light in the car flashed on as the man opened the door and stepped into the driver’s seat. Water dripped from his hair and traced the slash of his cheekbones. If she had been feeling more charitable, she might have thought that her “rescuer” looked like a knight—a rather pissed-off knight.

The light vanished as he tugged the car door shut with a bang that rattled the vehicle. Conveying emotion through sound had to be a gift of his; even that inanimate sound had resounded with supreme irritation. “The closest clinic is in Montepulciano—”

“No, no. I’m headed to Montalcino.”

“Montalcino is in the complete opposite direction from where you were headed.”

Shannon’s jaw dropped as her mind tried to wrap around that fact. How did she get so completely turned around?

He pulled the car back onto the road. “Did they teach you how to read when you got your M.D.?”

“And you obviously slept through all your classes on manners.”

“Some idiot professor scheduled them too early. Who wakes up before noon anyway?” He sighed as he adjusted the air-conditioning to blast hot air instead. “Where in Montalcino were you going to?”

“Is it out of your way?”

“Yes, very.” He glanced sideways at her. “What? Were you expecting me to lie? Mouth some platitudes to make you feel better about your lousy sense of direction and even worse sense of balance?”

“Wow? Grumpy much?”

“Look, I got off a nine-hour flight and I’ve driven two hours to get here. Tack on waiting in airports and waiting for rental cars, and I’m fifteen hours into a really long day that just got longer.”

“Did you lose your sense of humor along the way or just your sense of perspective?”

“My sense of humor is still hanging out with a sweet hooker at that little airport bar in Florence, and my sense of perspective stayed home in New York to mind the condo.”

Shannon choked back a giggle. It would not do to encourage his bad manners. “Well, my sense of direction is obviously still wandering around the city square at Pienza, trying to sort out east from west, and my sense of balance—we left it buried back there, together with my pride.”

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Jade Kerrion defied (or leveraged, depending on your point of view) her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Philosophy, as well as her MBA, to embark on her second (and concurrent) career as an award-winning science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance author.

Her debut novel, Perfection Unleashed, published in 2012, won six literary awards and launched her best-selling futuristic thriller series, Double Helix, which blends cutting-edge genetic engineering and high-octane action with an unforgettable romance between an alpha empath and an assassin.

Earth-Sim and Eternal Night won first place Royal Palm Literary Awards in the Young Adult and Fantasy categories respectively. Readers have clamored for sequels, and Jade will get around to them when her To Do list opens up (sometime after 2020.)

Life Shocks Romances, Jade’s sweet and sexy contemporary romance series, features unlikely romances you will root for and happy endings you can believe in. They prove that, at the very least, she knows how to alphabetize books.

If she sounds busy, it’s because she is. Jade writes at 3:00 am when her husband and three sons are asleep, and aspires to make her readers as sleep-deprived as she is. Visit her at

Friday, September 2, 2016

Let It Breathe Excerpt!

Let it Breathe by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

I pulled the door open and couldn't get the grin off my face. People wonder why professional athletes were so cocky. Because a plumber couldn't pull of what I just accomplished tonight.
"I'm sorry, what was your name again?" I raised my eyebrows.
She narrowed her eyes and I sensed it took considerable effort for her to stay.
I grinned again and took another sip. I studied her face. She was a classic beauty; big brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair that flowed over her shoulders. I would guess she was Italian, but her accent was American.
She bit her lip and crossed her hands over her chest.
I laughed.
"Am I amusing you?" She asked.
"No," I shook my head. "Just laughing at the irony of the situation."
"Can you just," she held a hand up. "Not talk."
"What would you like me to do with my mouth?"
Lust flashed in her eyes. She covered it by walking in, grabbing the bottle in my hand and downing it. I saw it thought. She liked the dirty talk.
She stepped to the window. I walked up behind her. I stood a few inches away, but she could feel my heat and I sensed her shiver.
"You ready?" I asked.
"Ready for what?"
She turned her head towards me.
"Ready for me to fuck that ten punch chip off your shoulder?"
She spun on her heels and stared into my eyes. Her chest rose and fell, her breath shallow and sexy. I peaked at the curve of her breast and wanted to taste it, but stopped myself. She wanted me to make the first. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction.
There we stood, toe to toe. I took in the subtleties of her face. The curve of her cheek, the twitch in her lip when she tried to remain neutral.
She leaned in and I leaned in. She turned her head to the left. I turned mine to the left. She licked her lips and I did the same. A small wrinkle creased the top of her nose and I knew it was only a matter of time.
When she stepped back, I masked my disappointment.
She leaned against the window and sighed. Oh man if it wasn't the sexiest sound I had ever heard and I had heard some scandalous stuff in my time.
I stood my ground. The distance allowed me to check out the rest of her. I was right, her amazing body made me hard. It was around the time my gaze feel on her legs, that she caught me off guard and attacked me.
Chai gripped the side of my face, tilted it and dove on my lips. Her hand moved down and gripped the back of my neck and pressed our faces together. I nibbled on her lip and she opened and I met her aggression with some of my own when I pressed my tongue in her mouth and tasted her. Her tongue tasted like tequila and honey.
I hadn't put my hands on her. She must have noticed. She pulled away. Her hand went up to her mouth and the confusion in her eyes broke me. She stepped around me, but I pulled her back into my chest.
"Where you going?" I asked as I cupped her breast and ran my hand up her skirt between her thighs. She whimpered. She tried to pull away at first, but sank into me and pushed my hand up further.
I skimmed my hand over her silk panties and her knees buckled. I held her up and walked us both over to the bed.
I pushed her down and she flipped onto her back. Her hands splayed out and gripped the sheets. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I stood in front of her. I wanted to see her.
"Your turn."
She sat up, unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off. She deposited it on the floor with mine. The black lace bra framed her breast so well, I had to reach out and touch them. I ran my fingers over the curve of her mound. They were real.
I reached for the button on my pants, but she pushed my hands away.
"May I?"
I pushed her hands away and she pouted. Again, made me hard.
"Is this what you want?" I rubbed the bulge in my pants.
God, please say yes. Please say yes. 
She smiled and nodded. It was the first genuine smile I'd seen on her face.
It looked good on her.
I dropped my hands to my side. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down off my hips. She ran a hand over my bulge and I smiled. She reached into my shorts, pulled me out, licked her lips and smiled again.
I was done. She was so beautiful and so complex. I couldn't hold back. Enough with the games. I had to have her.
By the way she stroked me and pulled me into bed, she wanted me, too.

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Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader and movie fanatic who hails from Texas.
After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer.
Sydney's novels tackle the dramatic world that is college and professional football She writes about heroines who love their men and the sports world they play in.
She identifies the sci-fi action flick "The Matrix" as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now blessed to be awake and doing what she loves.
She can recite the entire script from the 80's teen comedy/drama "The Breakfast Club" and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark.

When it come to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Alex J. Cavanaugh, J.A Huss, M. Never & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Perfect Pairing Excerpt!

The Perfect Pairing by Susan Ann Wall

“What the hell are you doing back there?” a deep voice echoed in the empty foyer. Courtney looked up to find a man with broad shoulders and an angry scowl looming over the reception desk, his dark eyes burning right through her soul.
What was she doing there? Courtney tried to remember, but the way he looked at her, angry yes, but something else too, it made her all fluttery.
“I asked what you’re doing behind the desk,” he said again, his voice even more demanding.
“I, you, I’m…” She paused and sucked in a deep breath, focusing on his neck instead of those penetrating eyes. Then he swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing beneath the line where his beard ended and Courtney lost the train of thought she hadn’t quite grasped again.
Shaking it off, she focused on his forehead, a technique she learned in a public speaking class. Instead of reaching across the reception desk and smoothing the crease, she licked her lips and focused on answering the question. “The phone, it kept ringing, and, well, no one was here to answer it, so I—” she extended her hand, the yellow sticky note gripped between her fingers. “This message is for you, I think, if you’re Mr. Black, that is. If not, I guess you know who Mr. Black is.” Shut up, Courtney. “She didn’t leave a name.”
The man dropped his chin, relenting just enough for Courtney to take a breath. She’d always thought her brother had the most intimidating scowl on the planet, but this man, wow, he made Brent look like a bear cub.
As the man read the note, Courtney eased out from behind the desk, hoping to hit the bathroom to clean up and wrestle with her bearings before she met Mr. Black. First impressions were so important and she prayed this man was just an employee and not the owner.
“Hold it,” he commanded with more authority than any of the commanding officers she’d served under during four years in the air force. “What are you doing here? We’re closed.”
Courtney stood at attention as if commanded, her shoulders back and her chin up, doing an about face and breathing through her nose so she could speak like a professional instead of the idiot who’d stammered her way through the previous response. “I’m here for a job interview. I’m Courtney Daniels.”
“Job interview? With who?” he asked.
“With Mr. Black, sir, at eleven.”
He shook his head. “With me?”
Great. Way to make a first impression, Court. Kiss this job good-bye.
His brow creased even further. “Son of a bitch. Who called you?”
“Amber,” Courtney said, mentally checking her posture and forcing herself to breathe. “She interviewed me a couple weeks ago. She called Monday and said you requested a second interview.”
“I’m gonna kill her,” he muttered.
Courtney remained at attention, her bare feet rooted to the granite floor. The cold had started to seep into her body, sending a chill across her skin and up her spine.
Or, maybe that was the man. He was fierce, but she still fought the urge to touch him, to soothe the tension and…
No, no awry thoughts about the man who could be her boss. That kind of thinking led to bad decisions that would ultimately get her into trouble.
“Looks like you’ve been rolling in the dirt,” he said, his gaze going down and back up, raising every hair on Courtney’s body. “Is that how you always dress for an interview?”
“No, sir,” she responded, her temper flaring as she remembered the incident in the parking lot. “I was almost rundown in the parking lot by some jack-ass in an old Ford. I got the license plate if you want to speak with whatever employee was driving like a maniac.”
The bark of laughter echoed but Courtney didn’t see the humor. Maybe she shouldn’t have said jack-ass, but sometimes her tongue had a mind of its own. It had gotten her into trouble more than once and not just while in the air force. The back of her father’s hand liked to smack the smart ass right out of her when he’d had too much to drink, which was always.
“I was just on my way to the restroom to clean up before the interview.”
“Interview, right,” he drawled, his posture loosening. “You can forget about the interview.”
“No, wait,” she pleaded. “Just give me a chance. I have a copy of my resume right here.” Courtney reached inside the case holding her iPad, dust flying when she pulled a paper out. “I don’t have extensive experience, but the experience I do have has prepared for me a job like this. I have a lot of energy and ideas. You won’t be disappointed.”
“You misunderstood. You can forget the interview because you’re hired. You start right now.”

From The Perfect Pairing (A Superstitious Brides Novella)
Copyright: Susan Ann Wall

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Big dreamer and certifiable overachiever Susan Ann Wall embraces life at full speed and volume. She’s a beer and tea snob, can be bribed with dark chocolate, and the #1 thing on her bucket list is to be the center of a Bon Jovi flash mob.
Susan is a national bestselling, multi-genre author of racy, rule-breaking romance and women’s fiction. Her bragging rights include the Fighting Back for Love series, Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love series, Superstitious Brides Romance series, Sunset Valley Women’s Fiction series (coming soon), and Devon Taggart Suspense series. She also likes to boast about her three perfect children, two amazing rescue dogs, and a happily ever after that started while serving in the U.S. Army and has spanned over two decades (which is crazy since she’s not a day over 29).

In her next life, Susan plans to be a 5 foot 10, size 8 rock star married to a chiropractor and will not be terrified of large bridges, spiders, or quiet people (shiver).
To stay on top of all Susan Ann Wall news, including new releases and exclusive content, join her newsletter at!newsletter/a2wjl.

You can also find her on Facebook at